Definition of Work as foundation of criticism

February 28, 2012

Abstraction of work varies by interest

Work is the only medium to survive, live, make preparations, construct and produce art. The abstraction of work varies by interest. Every human being has her own idea and opinion of meaning of work and its relation to life – whether its thought through or conceptualized.

Work is the only medium to create and add value. Unfortunately negative work devalues status quo.

It is quite obvious that Florence Nightingale had totally different abstractions of work than Al Capone. So has wastrels and subordinates at diamond mines. Differences in abstractions come from differences in interests to work.

Juhani Risku: Definition of work, idea of work, Balance of Work, formula. Omnibus test of work essence and substance. Work for Desolation WfD, Zero Work ZW, Care & Maintenance Work CMW, Art Work AW, Fool’s Work FW. Criticism, critique, abstraction shift, lift. juhani risku uusi nokia

Chart Omnibus test of Work. The fool outsider is the simpleton and idiot generalist of work activities. He doesn’t know, understand and care about what happens around him. People are increasingly shifting from normal citizenship to coeval simpletons.  

Omnibus reveals it all. Today’s society is extremely complex and superficial. You can’t participate anything just now and instantlywith innocent and trustful mind. You are a passenger of daily moments touching you smoothly or changing your life entirely. Usually nothing happens, you are bored but the world is explosing around you. You don’t see, you don’t understand, you don’t believe and you don’t care. But in the omnibus you are the actor.

In the omnibus there are always five different groups of persons and interests. Two active ones are the terrorist and the artist. The terrorist  waits for the right timing and orders to be active. She is the slave of terror. The artist is active in giving her best for the world, rehearsing for better quality and creating new dimensions for the arts and for the present moment.

In the omnibus there are two passive ones. The wastrel and the nurse. The nurse is a “non compos mentis” irresponsible life-saver for the greater good. She has very smoothed beginnings but very hard 9-to-5 work. This hard day relieves and blesses her. Hard enough day absolves her from all blame. She is passive for anything. So is the wastrel. The bimbo is a waste and useless for life and existence. Not worth for the value of bus ticket.

All our four persons travel by bus “at work”. The terrorist kills 15 persons in 2 minutes, the cellist rehearses eight hours daily and in two months she plays a bit above the average a role in a symphony. The nurse is the hardworking and enslaved one saving lives but living dull life with basically no prospects. She is dead woman walking. The wastrel is the free one, without time, space and order he enjoys life.

The fool outsider, the coach, is basically a harmless good-humored uneducated neighbour but the most important guilty and high-powered person on board. When something bad happens he is responsible, he should have known, he should have pre-empted the fateful incidents.

Why should this simpleton be at fault?

Juhani Risku: Definition of work, idea of work, Balance of Work, formula. Omnibus test of work essence and substance. Work for Desolation WfD, Zero Work ZW, Care & Maintenance Work CMW, Art Work AW, Fool’s Work FW. Criticism, critique, abstraction shift, lift. juhani risku uusi nokia

Chart Formula of Balance of Work. Art work and Care & Maintenance work are the positive factors of the formula, Zero work and work of Desolation are negative factors. Distortion factor and i (imaginary factor) are individual coefficients which differ from person to person.

All four passengers in the omnibus form the meaning and value of the busdriver’s life. The bus driver’s balance of work comes from the passengers’  intentions and work output. In this unfortunate example the bus driver has monstrously negative balance of work: because of helping to kill 15 persons and slow-processing average symphony, not caring about the easily suicidal nurse and the not-suicidal wastrel the bus driver is a major assistant of murders, unhappy life, average art and waste of time.

How can we say so? The driver just chauffeured the passengers! The reason why the bus driver is responsible comes from several assumptions. 1) every individual is responsible of their backyard and orbit, their daily context with closest coevals, 2) everyone has to be conscious of the present moment and its near past and future (NOW +/- 1…60 minutes), 3) everyone has to be prepared for most of possible scenarios in context, 4) everyone has to care about coevals and their impacts to immediate surroundings.

If something bad and irretrievable happens everyone around has responsibility and are at fault for the disaster. Human beings just have to understand, realize, care and act for better life. If you don’t act you fall to agnoema (a sin committed through ignorance or thoughtlessness) and later to hamartia (an injury committed in ignorance).

Four categories of work from art to active destruction

Work is divided into four categories according to the interest and output (final result, outcome, bottom line) of work done by an individual person, group or consortium. Categories of work are:

  • Work for Desolation WfD (work against life, devastation, negative work). Balance of harmful work is negative up to to the power of ten (and logaritmically up to more). Typical representatives of WfD are terrorists, evil-doers, betrayers, bullies, persons with treacherous and long-lasting influence of systemic destruction (like Nazis with their coevals in Germany, terrorism, hostile and vitriolic actions. Usual contexts for respective actions are political parties and other alliances with opportunistic trusteeship and political supremacy, usually manifested through class hatred which may have very modern and hidden forms).
  • Zero Work ZW (unnecessary, forlorn and trifling activity, waste of existence, loafing, free rider and stowaway mentality, shunning of work, combination of work and vandalism with balance of zero). Zero work is gratuitous and it never improves or facilitates human life. Typical zero workers are sluggards, free riders, people excavating and filling holes. However, zero work may withhold waistrels from Work for Desolation.
  • Care & Maintenance Work CMW (work upholding and maintaining life, actions creating, building and maintaining systems and processes which support life, preserving, caring and restoring work, service, fixing, nursing, medication). Typical care & maintenance works are work at hospitals, childcare, basic education, a portion of professional training, a portion of traffic and transportation arrangements, a portion of total construction activities, a portion of cultural work, a portion of energy production, a portion ofproduction of goods and merchandise.
  • Art Work AW (work improving and boosting life and human existence, ideation, envisioning, conceptualizing-concepting, planning, design, form-giving, virkistys, art, music, drama, which do not focus on zero work and Work for Desolation). Art work creates new and perfects existing things. In art work freedom, responsibility and power are maximized. Art work is done with highest level and capabilities of knowlegde, visdom, skills, crafts, understanding and comprehension. A person can assimilate art work through caring and highly professional interaction and work with master coevals and through caring criticism. Primary art work categories are music, theater and architecture and they are surrounded by sub-arts like painting, sculpture, composing, piano playing and recitation. Self-made amateur art, buffoonery, entertainment, “art of building” (Baukunst, byggekunst, byggnadskonst, ehituskunst, rakennustaide) and other mediocre and  rabble “arts” are usually mingled with art work. DIY art, Do-It-Yorself Art, is mostly joking, therapy, spritual masturbating, self-deception and medium and vehicle for wanna-be-artistry. DIY artists pretend to be better persons through charade they don’t recognize by themselves. DIY art is normally lifelong falsehood.

Definition of work and declaration of balance of work are the most important actions of the civilized society and community

Work defines cultures, philosophies, values and rights of existence. Livelihood and human dignity are evaluated through work. But nobody has defined what is work, what is valuable work, are there differences between the outputs of different work.

All philosophers, politicians, researchers and educators should first define and describe the idea of work and then evaluate work by nature and impact in context, over time and through space.

The only way to evaluate work is to define an understandable and comparable ratio for work in detail and holistic context. This ratio at best is a dynamic and ever changing factor which needs constant follow-up and sensitive monitoring. The balance of work can be described with a formula, formula of balance of work. It gives a systemic solution to judge what is good and bad work, who gets paid and whose actions has to be stopped.

This may sound difficult or impossible but that’s why we need to mobilize the best human resources for the effort. When each work, activity and intention has a dynamic factor of its input-output impact in context the world has better building blocks for the future.

United Nations and ILO should be the home for defining work. Universities globally should participate in the definition. Every trade organization and human being should partake in the definition from their perspective.

After valuation of work (definition of input/output + contextual impact of work) we can organize taxes, education and support for individual working.

Two disastrous workers the fool outsider and the diligent simpleton

The fool outsider is a stowaway free rider without any understanding and responsibility of  normal life and adult answerability. The fool outsider is just driving the bus despite she is helping the terrorist to kill several people.

The diligent simpleton and dunce does not have a clue about how ruinous he is for life. This simpleton is the normal worker making plans and actions which go just over her head. Her intellectual capabilities are meant for lower abstraction work than she is right now doing. It’s easier to understand a simpleton’s mindset through a dog: Tell your dog square root of two is 1.41421356… The dog just looks you into your eyes and turns its head to something else and back to you. Perhaps smiles or thinks “… WTF, my master is causing a new butterfly effect.”

Spaniels as CEOs and Rantanplans as Design chiefs

Choosing between plague and cholera is the question when your company has a spaniel as CEO and Rantanplan as Chief Designer or another executive. Which is better? When comparing winners and losers in global businesses you can find competent and qualified people in winner teams and spaniels and rantanplans in loser teams.

Rantanplan   Rantanplan

The diligent simpleton is a human Rantanplan, which is a spoof of Rin Tin Tin, as idiotic as Rin Tin Tin is clever. Diligent simpletons are crowding boards and executive rooms of global world class companies. Short list of Rantanplans: Nearly all HP CEOs, Sony’s ex-CEO Howard Stringer and ex-Apple John Sculley. More Rantanplans on The 15 Worst CEOs In American History.

Companies have their balances output and processes from art to active destruction

There are companies with well organized destruction as business model, and companies with greater good as business model. Companies differentiate from each other by Categories of Business model philosophies:

  • Making money from Work for Desolation WfD
  • Making money from Zero Work ZW
  • Making money from Care & Maintenance Work CMW
  • Making money from Art Work AW.

Bimbos in boards and Executive groups — how to debimbo your company?

Basic engineers and designers never can be stupid, incompetent and “contextual bimbo” in an organization. But, usually nearly all executives and the company Board members either are or become contextual bimbos when the company grows and evolves into new business areas. This means that when the paradigms of present business evolves into next abstraction the top management stays on their bygone leadership model. Contextual bimbo is a person with no competences and professionalism in company’s new business environment with wider abstraction and paradigms.

This is what happened for Nokia volving from signal processing to communication and media: signal processing engineers tried to conquer modern communication and improve media paradigms but Apple did it all. Nokia just dreamed about what Apple realized. The same happened to Kodak, Sony and Motorola, Yahoo and RIM.

Chart Bimbos at work, CEOs and executives as contextual bimbos.

There is a pattern which is common for all companies with incompetent leaders. 1) Company in difficulties, therefore they are  2)  Looking for Messanic saviour as last desperate act and unfortunately they 3) Recruit the nearest bimbo like kim Jong iL´s son, from where they 4) Try to survive with the Bimbos and the most disgraceful and inglorious era of 3-7 years starts. The 5) Company is destroyed and usually no new reincarnation or Phoenixes in scenarios. Some examples of this deadly pattern: Sony, Nokia, Yahoo, Motorola, RIM, HP.

Is it possible to help companies not to fall into the deadly “recruit bimbos” pattern? Yes and no. Usually no, because the Board and executives have mandate to destroy their company and one day they’ll do it. The reason is that the leaders recruit one-person-saviours rather than 10-15 persons superteams. The lonely saviour has ä “suitable business myth of origin” with best fit for the nominators’  mindset and understanding. The 10-15 persons superteam would be too concious and aware of the contextual bimboness of the top management and the Board that you never get a superteam to help any companies.

Chart Corporate mathematics, Debimboing a company’s leadership.

The only parties to recruit a superteam are consortiums of owners, shareholders and controlling shareholders with given mandate. This would also be the next big business: a group of investors, business area visionaries and qualified leaders could together establish a consulting company with business model “we restructure your business and replace your Board and top management with amount of money of 0,5 times your company value” or “our consultation fee is 70% of your next decade’s profits“. Marketing slogan could be “Otherwise just kill your company.

Companies have to restructure their business models, business agendas and reasons for existence

Example 1: everyone deserves second possibility, even third. News Corporation can get its second chance but it has to be destroyed if it doesn’t do so
Example 2: The idea of filling the Earth with plastic or other stupid products (Chinese silly industry) has to be forestalled even violently (rules by UN and immediate actions without regrets; “act first – regret later”) Save-the-World troops attacking hostile and deceitful companies first, inquest later or never.

Making money is not the issue – making the World a better place is. Now it’s a question of definitions:

  • How do we define “Better place”, “Happy life”, “Greater good”?
  • Who defines?
  • What are the rules of definitions?
  • What are the actions for follow-up and correction?
  • How many corrections of errors do we allow?
  • How much inaccuracy and diffraction do we accept when correcting the faults?
  • How do we define the bottom line?
  • Wy should we look after?
  • Who suffers most?
  • Who cares?

Most of companies have “greater good surface and hidden usury” as business model. Such companies are McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Nike, IKEA, Google and Facebook, and their little sisters.

Characteristics of those companies are:

  • Huge profits
  • Extraordinary good brand image
  • Perfect business planning and ‘rebellious’ and ‘nerdy’ outlook to obscure their real nature
  • The masses and hoi polloi don’t understand the state of those companies, they just enjoy and use them
  • The companies know their own hostality and treachery and the main innovation strategy and actions are to hide their hostality and treachery with superficial signs, products and services.

Companies with hostile strategies need new direction Altruism and greater good as successful business models

Abstraction shift lift, quality design creation altruism, Juhani Risku Nokia Ivalo architect uusi

Chart New paradigms of Work. Companies can start to reform their present hostile, treacherous and arrogant business model following the list above.

If a company restructures its business model for greater good and for saving the world it is granted absolution and it may continue with its new business model (strict follow-up and definite liquidation if malpractices). With such definition McDonalds, Coca-Cola, News Corporation and Marlboro might get their first and second chance but not the third.

Juhani Risku: Definition of work, idea of work, Balance of Work, formula. Work for Desolation WfD, Zero Work ZW, Care & Maintenance Work CMW, Art Work AW, Fool’s Work FW. Criticism, critique, abstraction shift, lift. juhani risku uusi nokia

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28th Feb 2012,  Juhani Risku, Inari Finland


Criticism is Caring

February 9, 2012

Criticism Critique, Immanuel Kant, Aristoteles, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Juhani Risku, Laïa Karelïa on criticism

The idea of criticism follows formula:

1. To see and understand

2. To comment and guide and support

3. To educate, lead and care

4. To achieve greater good together

5. To support intellectual independence (of individuals)

Definition of Criticism

Criticism is the ability “to separate, to decide, to comprehend or to judge“. When somebody has ability to comprehend and separate she has ability to envision, create, construct and cultivate the substance. To cultivate means to sow. To sow means to grow. To grow means to mow. To mow means to thresh. To thresh means to grind. To grind means to bake. To bake means to mould. To mould means to form.

To form means to give form. To give form means formgiving. Formgiving = intention + libido + ability + future + care + independence + respect + carry on. Carry on means to guide the next generation. To guide means to care, tell, separate and comprehend. It means even to judge and criticise.

Criticism is Caring

Juhani Risku´s criticism is based on theory and practice. Juhani Risku on the Internet:

On this blog you may get some ideas about criticism in different contexts like art, architecture, design, business, journalism and leadership.

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